What’s the risk catch cost framework?

16th May 2013

In order to pursue its objectives, AFMA makes a range of management decisions in the South East Trawl Fishery (SETF). Given increasing pressure to improve the cost effectiveness of management there is a need to assess the level of information required to make decisions with the appropriate level of risk. This is commonly referred to as the risk catch cost framework.

The level of fishing actvity in the South East fishery contributes to the risk. The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Statistics (ABARES) have released data showing that fishing effort peaked in the South East Trawl in 2001 at 112,000 hours and nearly 30,000 tonnes. Following the buy-out of licenses effort and catch decreases by about half in 2007 and has stayed relatively constant ever since.

The Association is hopeful that the risk catch cost framework will be applied in practical ways and become more than just a theoretical approach.