What do Melbourne’s Best Fish & Chip Shops Have in Common?

Melbourne’s Australian Seafood Fish and Chippery has taken out top spot in The Age’s Goodfood Best Fish and Chips 2016.  This doesn’t come as a surprise because they made the top 10 in the Herald Sun in January last year.  Social media seems to agree with perfect 5/5 Facebook reviews, 5/5 from Trip Advisor and even a 4.3/5 from the tough Urban Spoon.

Owner of the Australian Fish and Chippery Con Patsaotis came out in the Herald Sun last year calling for country of origin labelling of fresh fish stating, “We have been labelling the fish for a number of years. I believe that people should know what they’re eating and what they’re paying for and it will be good for the local fishermen as well”.

In an interview with Con he told SETFIA that off the back of this win that he was opening a second shop nearby.  He explained that gummy shark was his biggest seller but that they also sold blue grenadier and tiger flathead from the trawl fishery.  He added that he was concerned about the closure of Port Phillip Bay to commercial fishing and that it would affect his supply of king George whiting but that the public would be more affected because it was taking food off their plate.  In 2015 Victorian Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford announced the closure of that fishery in favour of the expanding Victorian recreational fishery.

The best thing about Goodfood’s Top 10 is that all ten only sell Australian fish.  It seems there is no substitute for fresh local seafood.