Seafood Industry Australia takes shape

The inaugural Board of Directors for Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) has been selected, marking a significant step towards the development of a new national peak body to represent all facets of Australia’s sustainable seafood industry. The Directors have seafood industry knowledge and networks across wild catch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors and commercial experience in domestic and international markets. They consist of:

  1. Marshall Betzel
  2. Chauncey Hammond
  3. Dennis Holder
  4. Veronica Papacosta
  5. Mark Ryan
  6. Marcus Stehr
  7. Belinda Wilson

The group selected Veronica Papacosta as the inaugural chair of SIA on 30 March 2017. Ms Papacosta is the Managing Director of Sydney Fresh Seafood group, a third-generation seafood retailer and a Director of OceanWatch Australia.

SIA aims to provide a united voice to the wild catch, aquaculture and post-harvest sectors of the Australian seafood industry and representation at the National level. In addition to funding from the federal government, the new body has received strong support from industry to the tune of $644,460 in pledges.

To find out what SIA will do watch SIA’s Chair Veronica Papacosta explain below.

Find out more about the SIA Directors here.