Postie Bike Caught by Trawler

Jack Parkhill from the Miranda Bay couldn’t believe his eyes when they hauled their seine net and instead of flathead found a Postie Bike.  The bike was caught in 100m of water 50 miles east of Lakes Entrance.

We think the bike is a Honda CT90 Trail 90 which was manufactured between 1966 and 1979 at that time selling for US$330.  The amount of marine growth indicates it may have been there for some years.  The crew believe it came from a ship because it is too heavy to drift in the current.  Interestingly, the eastern Bass Strait oil and gas fields were developed around this time.

The bike takes its name from the Honda CT110 which replaced it.  The CT110 was used by postal services in Australia and New Zealand.  It  does not have a clutch meaning the left hand is left free to deliver mail.

The bike will not be restored and instead will go into the shed as a trophy.  Fully restored CT90’s sell for up to $2,750 on eBay.

honda bike