NSW allow unrestricted commercial flathead fishing

21st May 2013

21 May 2013. For immediate release.

On May 3, in what has been described by Commonwealth fishing operators as “..a shock move..”, the NSW Minister for Primary Industries the Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson signed a notice removing commercial catch limits for many fish species in NSW, including flathead. This means that state licensed vessels can now take unlimited amounts of flathead, while the same fish are regulated and catch limits imposed on NSW recreational anglers along the coastline of NSW, and that limits remain on Commonwealth commercial fishers in waters outside 3 miles off the NSW coastline.

It also means that NSW commercial fishing licenses that are currently not used may now become active, as unscrupulous operators seek to maximise the loophole created by these legislative changes.

The South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association’s CEO, Mr Simon Boag explained, “It amazes us that NSW would allow their commercial fishers to take unlimited catches of many species including flathead. To this point Australian fisheries have been the best managed in the world but doing this jeopardises their sustainability in NSW particularly.”

Mr Boag added that, “We’re disappointed that NSW did not talk about this with the Commonwealth fisheries management authority and, worse, we understand that NSW officials may have misled Commonwealth officials and told them that the NSW government would not introduce unrestricted catches. No agencies from NSW spoke with Commonwealth fishers or SETFIA.”.

Commonwealth quotas are an asset that sits in the balance sheet of many companies, and are a strong and valuable property right in well managed fisheries. Mr Boag said that, “Strong property rights promote environmental stewardship. In this case, Commonwealth quota owners are motivated to look after flathead because they rely on it for a living, and want to ensure the value of their quota remains strong, by having a lasting, sustainable, healthy fishery. By allowing uncontrolled catches of flathead by State vessels, NSW has significantly reduced the value of this quota, and put at risk the sustainability of the fishery at the same time”.

“This action is bewildering to us, given NSW have suggested that the bag limit on flathead for NSW recreational fishermen should be halved – in the very same waters that they are now allowing uncontrolled commercial fishing access”.

SETFIA calls on Minister Hodgkinson to restore the trip limits on NSW vessels, and ensure that fisheries for flathead remain sustainable. It also calls on the Federal Minister for Fisheries, Senator the Hon. Joe Ludwig, to protect the Commonwealth industry’s property rights and sustainability of the fish stocks, by mediating a resource sharing arrangement between NSW and the Commonwealth.

For more information contact Mr Simon Boag 0428-141591, simonboag@setfia.org.au or www.setfia.org.au

Background information:

Fisheries in Australia are managed either by a State or by the Commonwealth. Commonwealth fisheries are supported by fish stock assessments that set sustainable catches, which are then controlled by quotas allocated to individual fishermen. The catch from NSW state fisheries is controlled by limiting the number of fishing vessels, their size, their fishing gear and, until recently, the amount of fish they can take per trip. NSW do not undertake a flathead stock assessment and instead rely on the Commonwealth assessment.

More details about flathead can be found on the FRDC website.