“But what if there was a healthy, animal sourced protein that both the fat and the thin could enjoy without draining the life from the soil, without drying up our rivers, without polluting the air and water, without causing our planet to warm even more, without plaguing communities with diabetes, heart disease and cancer.” It […]

A scientific paper (Pitman, Haddy and Kloser) has been released assessing the impact of commercial fishing on the reproductive capacity (fecundity) of orange roughy. Data from when exploitation began (1987–1992) is compared with current observations from the eastern Tasmanian stock. Findings show that fecundity is negatively related to stock size, meaning that as the population […]

In the 1800s a story emerged of English cow herders sharing a common tract of land. Individual herders added cow after cow and the land’s productivity began to decline. The herders knew that too many cows would make the land useless but all assumed that there was no way to avoid this so all continued […]

The Sealord Group, New Zealand’s largest seafood company, has announced it has purchased a NZ$750,000 acoustic optical system (AOS) to conduct research on New Zealand fish stocks. An AOS is a device that emits multiple frequency signals to calculate the amount of fish present. It is particularly effective in assessing aggregations of deep-sea fish and […]

21 May 2013. For immediate release. On May 3, in what has been described by Commonwealth fishing operators as “..a shock move..”, the NSW Minister for Primary Industries the Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson signed a notice removing commercial catch limits for many fish species in NSW, including flathead. This means that state licensed vessels can now […]