Evaluating the sustainability and environmental impacts of trawling compared to other food production systems Abstract Mobile bottom contact gear such as trawls is widely considered to have the highest environmental impact of commonly used fishing gears, with concern about impact on benthic communities, bycatch, and carbon footprint frequently highlighted as much higher than other forms […]

More marine park impacts will reduce fish supply and jobs in rural towns – they do not address the actual risks facing the marine environment Australia’s Department of the Environment has announced a review and potential expansion of fishing lock-outs in South-East Australia’s 17 year-old marine park network.  The network covers more than 388,000km2 – an area almost six […]

South-East Marine Park Review Summary This submission is submitted on behalf of two fishing industry associations who combined represent the two largest fisheries (by volume) operating within and around the South-East Marine Park Network. These two fisheries are the Commonwealth Trawl Sector and the Gillnet, Hook, and Trap Sector. These fisheries catch 79% of the […]

Proposed Gippsland Renewable Energy Zone (windfarms) Summary This submission is from two fishing industry associations that represent the two largest fisheries straddling the area under consideration off Gippsland; combined they are likely the most impacted with ∼19,000 tonnes caught annually (inside and outside the area under consideration). Both are managed by the Commonwealth Government. The […]

Victorian Liberal / Nationals Announce Cooked Seafood Country of Origin Labelling Laws The fishing industry welcomes the announcement a Victorian Liberal and Nationals Government will implement mandatory country of origin seafood labelling for cooked seafood sold in pubs, clubs, and cafes. The new rules are as simple as seafood being labelled as Australian or imported and already exist […]

Junk Science on Protected Species By-catch Misleads Seafood Consumers The fishing industry has condemned a recent CSIRO article published in the renowned Nature Sustainability journal titled, “By-catch rates in fisheries largely driven by variation in individual vessel behaviour”. Authors Roberson and Wilcox introduced their work, “Fisheries by-catch continues to drive the decline of many threatened marine species such as […]

Project Python Aims to Lock Seals Out The South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association (SETFIA) represents fishers, quota owners and wholesalers who have an interest in the Commonwealth Trawl Sector (CTS). The fishery is the main supplier of fresh local finfish in Australia with most sales through Melbourne and Sydney fish markets. Seals enter trawl […]

SOUTH EAST TRAWL INDUSTRY WELCOMES STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT The South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association (SETFIA) welcomes Assistant Minister Duniam’s announcement in last night’s Federal Budget of $24m to support the structural adjustment of the fishery. This package has been delivered in response to quotas set for the 2022/23 fishing year announced earlier this week by […]