Certainty brings investment in the South-East Fishery in Tasmania

19th November 2015

Tasmanian business and SETFIA member Mures Seafood, has just opened a purpose built factory at Cambridge just out of Hobart at a cost of $3.2m.

Mures currently operates the iconic Mures Upper Deck restaurant as well as Mures Lower Deck which serves fish and chips, ice cream, coffee, oysters and houses a fish monger.   Both are situated in the same building on Victoria Dock and together employ 120 people.  A third restaurant on Victoria Dock will open next month.

The new factory will employ an additional 40 Tasmanians who will process value added products from the South-East Fishery such as Hot Smoked Silver Warehou Roe, Cajan Hot Smoked Silver Warehou and Pickled Blue Eye.  These gourmet products will be sold to restaurants, cafes, hotels and independent supermarkets across Tasmania and Australia.  The new factory will be supplied by Mures own vessel which works in the South-East Fishery and by the Melbourne Fish market.

In an interview with SETFIA, Will explained, “We have invested because we have confidence in the future; this confidence comes from conservative science based management which shows that all solely managed Australian fish stocks, including those in the South-East, are harvested sustainably.  We also draw confidence from the rebuilding of orange roughy off Tasmania’s east coast and see this as a business opportunity for us”.