Celebrating sustainable Australian fisheries

15th March 2013

15 March 2013. For immediate release.

Today is Sustainable Seafood Day Australia 2013. It is a day to celebrate sustainable seafood, fisheries and retailers. It is about explaining to seafood lovers how their choice of Australian seafood makes positive difference in the world’s oceans.

The South East Trawl Fishery runs from Barranjoey Point, north of Sydney, through NSW, Victoria and Tasmania all the way to the Kangaroo Island in South Australia. The fishery is Australia’s second largest and is the major supplier to the Sydney and Melbourne fish markets of species like blue grenadier, flathead and pink ling. The fishery is managed under the Fisheries Management Act and stock assessments are completed on 30 species with strict catch quotas then set at sustainable levels.

Mr Simon Boag, the South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association’s (SETFIA’s) CEO explains, “The South East Trawl Fishery has been in operation for 100 years. Fish stocks are growing and recent trends are for higher sustainable quotas.”

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) recently released the 17th edition of the Fishery Status Report (2011). This report covers all Commonwealth managed (deep water) fish stocks. The report card for the South East Trawl Fishery continues to improve with only two of 28 species now in the “red”. These two species continue to recover and are being heavily managed by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority in close partnership with industry.

The ABARES report also found that the number of all Commonwealth stocks in Australia fished at a sustainable level has increased from 71 to 77. The number of stocks subject to over-fishing has decreased from eight to six. The number of stocks whose status is uncertain has also decreased from 17 to 12.

Mr Boag concluded by stating that, “If consumers want to make a sustainable seafood choice all they need to do is buy Australian seafood. Anyone who wants to promote sustainable fisheries and eat healthy great tasting food should pick up some flathead on the way home”.


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