Danait Ghebrezgabhier has been appointed as the new AFMA-SETFIA Liaison Officer. Her arrival follows Andrew Trappett’s departure after a successful 15 month tenure. Danait has worked at AFMA since 2009, has come from a zoology background and has experience working in compliance planning, research administration and several fisheries.  She is currently studying towards a Masters of Applied Science in […]

The South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association and the Great Australian Bight Fishing Industry Association (GABIA) have developed world leading technology that reduces interactions between trawlers and seabirds by up to 96%. Plans are in place to roll this technology out across the trawl fleet. Trawl fishermen from both Commonwealth managed trawl fisheries in South Australia are committed to […]

SETFIA is pleased that in the lead up to the election there is bipartisan agreement about retaining the fishing industry’s rebate of the diesel fuel tax.  A tax long associated with road users.  This rebate is crucial to ensure the ongoing viability of our fisheries. On April 15 The Australian newspaper ran a story titled, Labor […]

SETFIA member Wayne Cheers  was recently out seining for flathead 50 kilometers east of Lakes Entrance (Victoria) and was stumped when his gear tangled with a strange plastic yellow device floating freely on the surface . Wayne retrieved the barnacle encrusted plastic cone and set out to find why a black cylinder attached to it was beeping […]