The Southern Shark Industry Alliance (SSIA) represents operators and quota holders in the Commonwealth managed gillnet, hook and trap (GHaT) sector, a sector in the larger fishery that also encompasses the trawl fishery.  SSIA recently wrote to a large number of fish and chip shops across Australia. The letter explained to these selected shops that […]

Through the GipNet Environmental Monitoring Research Initiative, CSIRO are trialing the use of a saildrone, a type of Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) to collect a range of oceanic data in Bass Strait. The saildrones are controlled remotely through satellite communications and are powered by wind and solar. They are also equipped with navigation lights, radar […]

A company has successfully applied to trademark the name ‘Kariba Bream’ for an imported species with IP Australia. IP Australia is the Australian Government agency that grants intellectual property (IP) rights and legislation relating to patents, trademarks and designs.  IP Australia’ vision is to have a world leading IP system that “builds prosperity for Australia”. […]

SETFIA is encouraging all Australians to enjoy locally sourced, fresh, sustainable seafood this festive season. So, to provide inspiration for your holiday menus we asked Tony Guarnaccia, a fisherman and SETFIA member, to share his favourite seafood recipe with us. Tony’s pink ling with a kick Ingredients 2 medium sized fillets of fresh Australian pink […]

Contemporary understanding was that an ancient group of fishes called jawless fishes (which still exist today) evolved into five different groups of fishes these being; placoderms (now extinct), spiny sharks (also extinct), fin-ray fishes (modern fishes), cartilaginous fishes (sharks and rays) and lobe-fin fishes.  One group, the lobe-ray fishes evolved into tetrapods that became the land animals like […]