ABARES Fishery Status Report

20th October 2017

In September the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) released the 22nd edition of the Fishery Status Reports. This report provides an independent evaluation of the biological and economic status of 94 fish stocks across 22 fisheries, including those managed both solely and jointly by the Australian Government. It also summarises the performance of these fisheries against the requirements of fisheries legislation and policy.

The 2017 ABARES report shows sustained excellence in fisheries management by the Commonwealth Government.

For the fourth year in a row no stock solely managed by the Commonwealth is classified as subject to over-fishing.

Furthermore, no stocks in the south east trawl fishery were assessed as being subject to over-fishing.

The 2017 ABARES Stock Status Report can be found HERE. The South East Trawl Fishery is covered in chapter 9.