$25m to develop Port of Eden

15th January 2015

Eden is an important port in the South-East Trawl Fishery. However, south-west gales cause significant damage to recreational and commercial vessels in the port.

Recognising this, the NSW State Government, Commonwealth Government and Bega Valley Shire Council have announced they will spend $25m on a wave attenuator, the extension of the breakwater wharf for cruise ships and the development of the Snug Cove shore precinct. It is hoped that this investment will attract private sector investment for a marina and resort complex.

Eden has many natural advantages; it is on the edge of Bass Strait and is the only port with a deep, safe entrance between Melbourne, northern Tasmania and Sydney. It already has Marine Rescue, Customs, Water Police and NSW Maritime. There is an airport 20 minutes away and it is set in a magnificent wilderness coast setting.

The development will increase economic activity, boost employment, increase tourism (whale watching, game fishing and scuba diving) increase permanent and visiting recreational vessels, attract and protect commercial fishing vessels and be a yacht race destination.