On 1 July 2017, former federal Senator for Victoria, Helen Kroger commenced as the new Chair of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA).  Here Helen took some time to introduce herself and her role for the next five years. I am delighted to be appointed as the Chair of AFMA and look forward to working […]

The 2016 Fishery Independent Survey (FIS) project has just wrapped up, marking the eighth year since the first one was carried out in 2008. Some elements of the survey were revised to take into account the recommendations from a recent independent review by the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA). Those changes tightened […]

A recent journal article in the Nature Ecology and Evolution journal titled, “Widely used seismic survey air gun operations negatively impact zooplankton” (Robert D. McCauley et al) investigated the effects of seismic surveys on zooplankton. Zooplankton underpin the health and productivity of global marine ecosystems.  Zooplankton are a group of small animals including organisms whose […]

Every five years the Australian Government conducts a comprehensive review of the state of the Australian environment.  This national SoE Report provides information about environmental and heritage conditions, trends and pressures for the Australian continent, surrounding seas and Australia’s external territories The report found that, “In the past 5 years (2011-16), environmental policies and management […]