The Lakes Entrance Fisherman’s Co-operative has invested in a fantastic new automated school whiting filleting machine. This machine was adapted from Scandinavian technology and at full speed can fillet three whiting a second. Dale Sumner, Co-op General Manager explained, “eastern school whiting is a large volume local species that for many years was packed whole […]

Seabirds are attracted to fishing vessels by the sight and smell of fish and fish offal.  At times seabirds have no interest in fishing vessels but at other times their behaviour becomes frenzied.  During these periods they can be injured or killed when they strike the steel cables (warps) used to tow trawl nets. SETFIA […]

Australian Maritime College students have come up with novel designs for devices that could reduce the incidental capture of seals during trawl fishing. Their designs were concocted as part of a competition jointly sponsored by the SETFIA and AFMA. Following judging by AFMA, scientists and industry, prizes were awarded to the winning students by Parliamentary […]

Snapper has been small part of the South East Trawl Fishery’s catch for more than 100 years and is an unavoidable part of the sector’s 10,000 tonne catch of other species. There is also a separate, healthy commercial snapper catch in Port Phillip Bay licenced by Victoria which catches around 130 tonnes. Snapper is an […]