Fish Stocks

Monster pink ling4th March 2013

Crew member Richard Knox couldn't believe his eyes when this massive pink ling was hauled on board the Petuna Endeavour. The average pink ling is 1m long and weighs less than 10 kg's. The maximum reported weight for pink ling is 25 kg's at which time it would be 30 years old. However, the pink ling pictured weighed a whopping 45 kg's and was 1.74m long. Pink ling live along the southern coast of A...


Industry manage eastern gemfish4th March 2013

Prior to management under the Harvest Strategy, eastern gemfish were depleted in southern NSW when in the 70's and 80's when catches were as high as 7,000 tonnes a year. Eastern gemfish spawn in June, July and August and most by-catch is taken in winter as the fish undertake their spawning run on NSW's south coast. Eastern Gemfish was listed as conservation dependant in 1999 and the Harvest Strate...


Commonwealth fish stocks continue to improve14th February 2013

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) has released the 17th edition of ...